Viviana Espinosa 

Founder & Executive Director  |  Image Consultant  |   Aspiring Author  |  Mom

Before creating Dazzling Group, I worked for one of the largest textile companies in Colombia. In those years, first as a national manager, then as a product manager and lastly as senior business manager for Latin America, I was privileged to advise numerous multinational corporations and provide them with the best textile solutions to enhance their corporate image.


In doing so, I found myself coaching sales teams, hosting focus groups, liaising with textile designers, creating collections, forecasting sales, planning production quotas, generating marketing ideas, assisting fashion designers, creating corporate image manuals, launching textile products, mentoring colleagues but more importantly, realising that corporate image consulting was 'my thing'. 


My 10-year career in the corporate world also took me to the public and insurance sector, where I picked up a few of the multiple bits and pieces of the international trade and learned the twists and turns of the global supply chain. 


I hold a bachelors degree in finance and international relations and a  double masters of international business and international relations. Entrepreneurship runs deeply on my family.  Both my parents decided half-way through their careers to chase their dreams.  So I guess I was destined to do the same thing.


I love coffee, spending time with my family, especially if that involves travelling, and of course, I like shopping too.  I am happily married and a proud mom of two.  


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